The album is out. Phew. Awesome review at Pessimist. And The 405.

Le Big Zero Album Release Party! Sept 16, 2019 at Knitting Factory (7pm doors). Celebrate the release of Ollie Oxen Free with us. Featuring Kid Midnight, So Called People and No One and the Somebodies. Tickets are on-sale here.

Vinyl and T-Shirts available here.

Our first two singles Dryer Lint Trap and Don’t Know Any out now. Check it out on Spotify, Google Play, iTunes and wherever else you might feed your ears. You can hear the full album on September 6.

Oohs and Aahs:

Various Small Flames wrote an amazing review of our second single Don’t Know Any which “manages to achieve raw immediacy without sacrificing on nuance and intricacy.” Read the whole thing here.

Michael wrote a guest article for PureGrainAudio about the beginnings of the band and writing the upcoming album Ollie Oxen Free. You should read it, like, now. Be a trendsetter. Read here.

Thanks to The Big Takeover for giving us a nice premiere. Culture Addicts jumped in on the fun, too. As did the kind folks at Riff Magazine who describe Le Big Zero in the same sentence as the word “perfection.”