Le Big Zero is Michael Pasuit with Carolina Aguilar, Tim Pinkerton and Ben Ross.

The band started as the home recording project of Michael Pasuit. Jumps from New Jersey to Seattle and back east to Brooklyn, brought together a line-up with close friends Carolina Aguilar and Dylan Thurston for the recording of their debut album "Ollie Oxen Free."

The album combines intricate guitar work, off-kilter tempos with pop melodies and a punk-y, garage rock attitude. Boy-girl harmonies. Dark comedy lyricism. Dissonance. Hooks. It’s a grand ole time.

"Ollie Oxen Free" is out on September 6, 2019.

Dryer Lint Trap recalls the casual allure of ’90s slacker-rock with its shambling off-center guitar angles, anchoring low-end bass line, enthusiastically bashed drum beats, tossed off male and female vocal exclamations, and odd-pop lyrics.” – The Big Takeover

“The Brooklyn quartet does off-kilter, angular punk rock to perfection.” – Riff Magazine